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‘I Call Bullsh*t’: Tone Vays Leads Criticism Of EOS After Four Execs Resign

Suspicions were running high over EOS once again September 26 after four senior executives resigned from parent company Block.one to start a spin-off venture. Block.one: Four Execs, Two Contractors Walk The latest episode in the chequered history of both the platform and Block.one, now ex-senior vice president of tech operations David Moss led an exodus to create StrongBlock.io,… Read More »

‘HODLers Be HODLing’: 55% Of Bitcoin Sits in Multimillion Dollar Wallets

Over half the Bitcoin supply sits in wallets holding over 200 coins ($1.25 million), indicating faith among major bagholders remains, new research released September 17 suggests. Diar: Investors ‘Keeping The Faith’ The data, compiled by cryptocurrency market research newsletter Diar in its latest weekly edition, echoes similar findings from industry researchers appearing throughout 2018. Despite Bitcoin price 00… Read More »

Anything Besides Bitcoin is ‘Useless’ – Tone Vays and Nouriel Roubini Square Off

David Drake, founder of LDJ Capital, was the moderator for a match up between Nouriel Roubini and Tone Hays. Drake was quick to note Roubini’s prediction of the 2008 economic crisis.  In the discussion, Roubini notes that his experience in blockchain stems from his ability to see a bubble when it exists. Vays responded with his outlook on the crypto… Read More »

‘I’d Like to See Us Test $5,000’: BitMEX CEO Pragmatic on Bitcoin Price Rise

Arthur Hayes, CEO of crypto trading platform BitMEX, has suggested Bitcoin’s current bull run may give way to a price point of $5,000 before heading to $50,000 in 2018, CNBC reports July 19. Commentators have been scrabbling for explanations since Wednesday, July 17, when Bitcoin’s price jumped from $6700 to $7500 in under an hour. For Hayes, however,… Read More »

‘Scams’ And ‘Lies’: Tone Vays Takes Aim at TokenPay, Verge and Litecoin

Cryptocurrency trader and analyst Tone Vays has hit out at Litecoin and the self-professed “world’s most secure coin,” TokenPay — accusing the latter of being an outright “scam.” Vays: TokenPay is a Verge ‘Byproduct’ TokenPay, which together with Litecoin this week confirmed it would purchase 9.9 percent of German bank WEG, previously agreed to work with controversial cryptocurrency Verge… Read More »

“TokenPay is a Scam – Blasts Tone Vays with a Disclaimer to Piss Off every Litecoin Believer

Tone Vays, the crypto influencer, trader, and analyst, took to Twitter to blast TokenPay, calling it a scam and further criticizing Litecoin Foundation for partnering up with them. This ignited a heated Twitter debate as the crypto community jumped in. Tone Vays goes ballistic Trader and Analyst, Tone Vays has started a Twitter debate by putting serious accusations… Read More »

Bancor $12M Hack Sparks Backlash Over ‘Decentralization’ Claims

Cryptocurrency industry commentators have poured scorn on decentralized exchange platform Bancor after hackers stole around $12 million July 9. Bancor Hack Cause Remains Unknown Bancor, which shot to fame in 2017 when it raised over $150 million in three hours during its ICO, confirmed the hack in an update Tuesday. Malicious parties originally attempted to steal and convert… Read More »

Coinbase CEO: ‘I’ve Come To Enjoy’ Bitcoin Price Lows

Wilma Woo · June 20, 2018 · 12:00 pm Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says he “enjoys” Bitcoin price downturns as it “distracts” those not “making progress.” Armstrong: Downmoon ‘Allows For Progress’ In a series of tweets aimed at the employees of the United States’ largest cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider, Armstrong compared three cycles of Bitcoin prices from… Read More »

Bitcoin ‘Boom-Bust Cycle Has Repeated Itself’ – Senior Market Analyst (Interview)

Allen Scott · June 14, 2018 · 8:00 pm Bitcoinist has once again caught up with Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at eToro, the most popular social trading platform in the world with millions of users. Greenspan keeps a close eye on cryptocurrency markets and shares his thoughts on the recent Bitcoin price plunge and why he believes this… Read More »

Binance CEO: Bitcoin Price Drop is Business as Usual

Georgi Georgiev · June 11, 2018 · 10:00 pm Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of trading volumes, said that the recent decline in Bitcoin’s price is historically normal.  Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has reached recently reached its’ three-month low. At press time, Bitcoin was trading at… Read More »