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Huobi’s US-Based Strategic Partner HBUS Hires Former Exec of VC Firm Draper Athena

HBUS, the strategic partner of top crypto exchange Huobi, has hired a former executive of venture capital (VC) firm Draper Athena, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Nov. 13. The HBUS trading platform, which currently employs around 40 people in their headquarters in San Francisco, has officially announced the appointment of Jay Ryu, formerly of Draper… Read More »

Bitcoin to $250K by 2023 Prediction is ‘Absolutely Solid,’ Says Tim Draper

Serial cryptocurrency investor and billionaire Tim Draper has said his Bitcoin price prediction of $250,000 by 2022 is “absolutely solid.” Draper: Destination Clear, Path Uncertain Speaking during the giant Web Summit tech conference in Lisbon which ended November 8, Draper, who is well known for his optimistic outlook on Bitcoin, in particular, doubled down on his price forecast… Read More »

Tim Draper: Fiat To Falter, Crypto Assets To Succeed

Tim Draper Holds His Unwavering Belief In Crypto Assets Ran NeuNer, the CEO of OnChain Capital and the host of CNBC Africa’s “Crypto Trader,” recently took to the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles to speak with industry leaders, commentators, analysts, and prominent investors to garner an insider look on their short-term and long-term visions for the cryptocurrency… Read More »

Tim Draper Predicts Bitcoin Prices to Touch $250,000 by 2022

Bitcoin’s stability is really positive atleast that’s what the crypto bulls believe. According to many these stable levels are a strong base from which Bitcoin will bounce back to new highs. This is exactly what even venture capital billionaire Tim Draper who has predicted Bitcoin to touch $250,000 by 2022. Tim Draper feels Bitcoin can radically transform government… Read More »

Upcoming ‘Story of Blockchain’ Film Continues Crypto Meets Hollywood Trend

Alex Winter’s new film, “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain,” is set for release in late October. The technology documentary is yet another movie chronicling the rise and influence of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Alex Winter became well-known in the world of film after starring in two of the cult-classic “Bill & Ted” movies. In recent years, the British-American… Read More »

Venture Capital Investment in Blockchain and Crypto Up 280% in 2018, Report Shows

“Traditional” venture capital (VC) investment in blockchain and crypto firms has almost tripled in the first three quarters of 2018, according to a new Diar report published September 30. Diar cites data from Pitchbook that indicates that blockchain and crypto-related firms have raised almost $3.9 billion in VC capital in so far this year — a 280 percent… Read More »

Tim Draper: ‘I Didn’t Anticipate’ Harsh Gov’t Response To Cryptocurrency

Billionaire entrepreneur and cryptocurrency advocate Tim Draper has stuck by his Bitcoin price forecast of $250,000 by 2022 while voicing concerns over hard-handed regulation worldwide. $250,000 Bitcoin Prediction Remains In an interview with Forbes September 25 together with son Adam, Draper, who has remained well known after buying 40,000 BTC in 2014 and becoming the major force behind… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Is Bitcoin Approaching a Turning Point?

Bitcoin surprised the world and rallied after the SEC postponed a decision on the Van Eck/ Solid X Bitcoin ETF. At the same time, XRP, ETH and few other altcoins posted impressive gains. Are cryptocurrencies approaching a turning point? Market Overview This has been a fantastically exciting week for cryptocurrencies. XRP pulled off a 100% gain, Stellar Lumens… Read More »

Billionaire Tim Draper Stands By Bullish $250,000 Bitcoin Price Target For 2022

Advertisement Tech billionaire Tim Draper stands by his bitcoin price target of $250,000 for 2022. Despite the recent slump, Draper remains undeterred in his enthusiastic outlook for the largest virtual currency by market cap. “This is going to be so big, so if you see a dip [in prices], jump in,” Draper told TheStreet at the 2018 Crypto… Read More »

Bitcoin Jumps $6,730 with Bulls Charging, Experts Forecast a Massive Breakout

Bulls are charging at full speed that has the Bitcoin price crossing the $6,700 mark with a $5.45 billion daily trading volume. Meanwhile, experts share their price forecast for Bitcoin price. Bitcoin crosses $6,700 mark, $8k is the new level Bitcoin is painting a bullish picture right now. As a matter of fact, the entire crypto market is… Read More »