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Cryptocurrency Exchange ShapeShift Bites Back at Money Laundering Claims

Advertisement A Wall Street Journal report recently alleged that blockchain firm ShapeShift was one of the largest recipients of illicit funds. Now the firm hits back on the criticism. Posted on the company’s official blog, ShapeShift said that the overall article contains factual inaccuracies and has omitted significant details regarding how ShapeShift operates. The piece shows a misunderstanding of blockchain transaction operations,… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Regulations Moving Towards Clarity, Says Investment Security Expert

Julie Myers Wood believes that the era of little or no regulations in the cryptocurrency space is fast becoming a thing of the past. The Guidepost Solutions CEO says regulators will firm up laws to protect investors from bad actors in the industry. The Sun Will Soon go Down on the Cryptocurrency ‘Wild West’ According to the Asia… Read More »

‘Wildly Inaccuate’: ShapeShift CEO Denounces Wall Street Journal Money Laundering Claims

Cryptocurrency exchange platform ShapeShift formally hit back at what it called an “attack” on its business by the Wall Street Journal, which accused the platform of being involved in money laundering. WSJ: ShapeShift Allowed $9M Money Laundering In a blog post, CEO Erik Voorhees spelled out his distaste for the “false and absurd” content of the WSJ’s piece,… Read More »

ShapeShift CEO Rebuts WSJ’s Bitcoin Bash — Crypto Community In Turmoil

WSJ Bashes Crypto, Specifically ShapeShift, For Enabling Money Launders As per a previous Ethereum World News article, the cryptocurrency community fell under fire on Friday, as two reporters and journalists from the Wall Street Journal, one of the most ‘well-respected’ media outlets in the entire world, bashed crypto assets and the platforms backing it for reportedly facilitating “dirty money.”… Read More »

Shapeshift CEO Responds to Wall Street Journal Laundering Claims

Reporters at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) tied innovative ecosystem cryptocurrency exchange Shapeshift to money laundering. “How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency,” was its published product from months of investigative journalism. The company’s CEO, Erik Voorhees, claims cooperation with the WSJ was obtained “under false pretenses.” He also charges the WSJ “omitted relevant information” among other… Read More »

Erik Voorhees Drafts Strong Reply Against Wall Street Journal Allegations Again him and ShapeShift

It has been less than a week since the story appeared on Wall Street Journal accusing Erik Voorhees and his company ShapeShift of providing a platform to criminals to launder their money. This accusation was obviously, had not gone down well with Erik who immediately tweets expressing his concern over the article. In the latest addition to this,… Read More »

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Refutes WSJ Reports of ‘Dirty Money’

Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift has refuted a recent Wall Street Journal report that $9 million in ill-gotten funds went through the exchange, according to an announcement published October 1. On September 28, WSJ released an article dubbed “How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency,” alleging that $88.6 million in fraudulently obtained funds had been funnelled through… Read More »

ShapeShift Calls Claims of Laundering at Exchange ‘Inaccurate and Deceptive’

ShapeShift has issued a stinging rebuke of a Wall Street Journal investigative article that claimed the crypto exchange was used by criminals to launder money. In a blog post published Monday, CEO Erik Voorhees said the news outlet’s report showed a misunderstanding of how cryptocurrencies work and that the article’s claims were factually incorrect. Calling the claims “factually inaccurate… Read More »

ShapeShift CEO Calls out WSJ for Pushing the “Crypto is Criminal Money” Narrative & Misleading News

In today’s world, the influence of media on ones thought the process is at a high point. Be it social media on mainstream media it very difficult to differentiate the news from the rumors. Cryptocurrencies have been a victim to this for a long time and if Shapeshift CEO is to be believed they continue to do. In… Read More »

WSJ Investigation: ShapeShift Is Being Used by Criminals, Illogical Comparison

An investigative report has been published regarding the popular crypto exchange ShapeShift AG, a firm that is registered in Switzerland. Money laundering is the problem at hand, and the report highlights a potentially worrying theme: that ShapeShift enables anonymous users to convert Bitcoin–which authorities can’t track–into other digital currencies that allow for much more anonymity.  Wall Street Journal Investigation… Read More »