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Crypto Company Offering Virtual ATMs Hits New Daily Highs — And Aims to Take on Square

A crypto company that enables thousands of retailers to function as virtual ATMs for an array of cryptocurrencies has recently processed its largest single transaction to date, valued at over $3.44 million.   Netcoins, which is aiming to simplify the process of buying and selling crypto by offering the public a trustworthy source for making purchases, says its… Read More »

‘We Can Turn any Device Into Crypto ATM’: 170,000 Shops Globally to Sell Bitcoin, Altcoins

While the number of people who want to use Bitcoin or Ethereum for their daily purchases is growing, one of the most confusing aspects for beginners is still how to actually buy and sell crypto. Online peer-to-peer exchanges may look questionable or too complicated for some users. Purchasing altcoins may be even more complicated – in order to… Read More »