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Bitcoin Congestion Reaches 95%; Fees Remain Relatively Low

Bitcoin blocks experienced up to 95 percent congestion this month, but it didn’t impact its transaction fees, which remain at around $0.1 Cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo published a graph to demonstrate a stark comparison between BTC transaction fees in two separate congestion episodes. The first case was from 2017, the year that witnessed Bitcoin congestion topping up to… Read More »

Pantera’s Krug: The Next Crypto Bull Run Will Bring A 1000% Gain And Hit $2 Trillion In Market Cap

Just recently, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin went on record saying that the crypto market, and Bitcoin in particular, couldn’t possibly experience a second mega price surge in the thousands. Well, someone seems to disagree with that assessment. That someone is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Pantera Capital.  Joey Krug presides over the investment decisions of one of the… Read More »

Next Bitcoin Bull Rally will have Crypto Space Hit Trillion Dollar Market Cap, Pantera CIO

Joey Krug, co-chief investment officer at Pantera Capital, talks about the next bitcoin bull run that has the potential to grow 10 times as according to him the cryptocurrency is “close to a bottom.” Next Bitcoin bull rally to take crypto market cap 10x higher Currently, in the red Bitcoin is maintaining stability around $6,500. However, the co-chief… Read More »

Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will See Crypto Market Rise ‘10x’: Pantera CIO

Advertisement The co-chief investment officer of one the cryptocurrency industry’s largest investment firms said that he expects the next bitcoin bull run to carry the cryptocurrency market cap 1,000 percent above its current valuation. Pantera Capital’s Joey Krug made this prediction during an interview with Bloomberg, forecasting that the next upswing could propel the cryptocurrency market cap to… Read More »

This E-Bike Accepts Payments With Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Lightning Network has certainly inspired the home-brew hardware and software community to develop case-of-use scenarios for its micro-payments.  On Yer Bike Following Poketoshi, a Coke vending machine, and a real Swiss cafe, a German hacker has now developed a lightning-powered e-bike. The bike is a pretty standard 28-inch gents model, with an electronic conversion kit retrofitted. The battery for the… Read More »

Chilean Bitcoin Exchange Buda Adds Lightning Network Support

Advertisement Buda, one of Chile’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, has recently introduced support for Lightning Network (LN) payments on its platform, to allow its users to experiment with the second layer scaling solution. Bitcoin Exchange Now Accepts Lightning Network Payments According to a recently published blog post, users will be able to pay via the Lightning… Read More »

Anticlimax as Bitcoin Developers Advocate Alternatives Instead of Lightning Network

Naturally, ambassadors of any blockchain projects should backers regardless of criticism. That means they should market, pitch and demonstrate to possible investors what the project solves and explicitly laying down its value proposition. It doesn’t matter the stage. So, it was totally incredulous to read about Jimmy Song tweet. There he is advising Bitcoin users to pay-for-day to… Read More »

‘Liquid Network’: Blockstream’s Bitcoin Sidechain is Now Live

Advertisement Samson Mow, chief strategy officer at Blockstream, announced today that the blockchain startup has launched the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin sidechain. Liquid is, as described by the company, “an innovative sidechain built on the Bitcoin network, facilitating faster bitcoin transactions between businesses and individuals, while enabling extended functionality.” The main purpose for the technology is faster settlements,… Read More »

To Scale Bitcoin, Little Improvements Will Need to Go a Long Way

Kaizen. The Japanese word for “improvement,” and as it relates to business, it’s the philosophy of continuous improvement on working practices. And with that as the tagline for the fifth edition of bitcoin engineering conference Scaling Bitcoin, it became a perfect way to summarize what’s happening today among the cryptocurrency’s developer ecosystem. With the scaling debate coming to a… Read More »

Blockstream Co-Founder: Scaling Bitcoin (BTC) Doesn’t Require A Hard Fork

Sharding Could Be The Answer To Bitcoin (BTC) Scaling Even in spite of the dismal market conditions, developers and industry leaders continue to push for the maturation of blockchain technologies, which will subsequently spark the growth of the industry backing crypto assets and this up and coming innovation. One of these industry leaders is Mark Friedenbach, a Bitcoin… Read More »