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Judge Forces Bitcoin Basher Jordan Belfort to Pay More Restitution to Victims He Scammed

Advertisement Jordan Belfort, best known as the “Wolf of Wall Street” portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, has only paid $12.5 million of the $110 million he was originally ordered to repay victims of his penny stock pumping scheme. Although he served out his years-long prison sentence, he will not have fully repaid his debt to society until investors are… Read More »

Fund Manager Defends Crypto, Finds It Nonsensical That Investors Would Trust Jordan Belfort

Mark Yusko, the chief investment officer at Morgan Creek Capital Partners, who manages over $1.5 billion in assets, fired back at crypto skeptics who have deemed Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a scam, including Jordan Belfort. Yusko’s investment firm recently launched a Digital Asset Index Fund following their partnership with Bitwise, a fund management company that offers a suite… Read More »

‘It’s a Dark Market,’ Howls the Real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ About Bitcoin

Jordan Belfort, the penny-shares scammer portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s film, has been weighing in on bitcoin recently. After featuring in the CNBC documentary, Bitcoin: Boom or Bust, he has been hitting the interview circuit. But should we pay any attention to a proven con-artist? Greater Fools Theory Belfort has previously said that bitcoin 00 relies… Read More »

Bitcoin Investors gonna get Slaughtered, Just F— Run: Wall Street Expert Advises

The wolf of wall street is yet again warning the Bitcoin investors to run out of it as Bitcoin is going to evaporate and get people slaughtered. Nobel laureate shares similar sentiments while Shapeshift CEO says we are done with the majority of the collapse and good things are coming up. Advertisement Wolf of Wall Street: Run while… Read More »

Opinion: Why The “Wolf Of Wall Street’s” Bitcoin Bash Isn’t Valid

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly bombarded with the opinion on-lookers. Some take an interest in a respectful manner, while others do their best to chastise something that they often do not, or even want to understand. The latter happens far too often, with critics continually lambasting Bitcoin, along with other cryptos, with false claims, facts, and beliefs. Bitcoin: The… Read More »

Bitcoin is going to evaporate, says ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Jordan Belfort, aka, the “Wolf of Wall Street” believes that Bitcoin, the top-ranked cryptocurrency is going to evaporate. The former penny-stocker broker who was pleaded guilty to fraud charges in 1999 is no stranger to espousing negative rhetoric about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. All the Makings of a Scam Speaking to CNBC as part of… Read More »

Bitcoin Investors Have Been Brainwashed: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

Advertisement One of Wall Street’s most infamous scam artists continues to pound the table on bitcoin, predicting that the flagship cryptocurrency is primed for a crash that he has dubbed the “bust ‘heard round the world.” Jordan Belfort, who spent 22 months in prison and was ordered to pay back more than $110 million in restitution to victims… Read More »

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Claims Bitcoin Market Has ‘Run out of Fools.’

Advertisement The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is saying “I told you so” about bitcoin prices’ recent retreat. In a video shared on his Youtube channel, former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, infamously known as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, has claimed it’s the “beginning of the end” for bitcoin as the market has run out of fools. He believes the… Read More »

Bitcoin Will Soon Be Dead, Says Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort, aka, the “Wolf of Wall Street” believes the demise of Bitcoin is imminent. Speaking via Facebook video, Belfort said Bitcoin’s price struggles in 2018 signal the beginning of the end for the top-ranked cryptocurrency. He advised “hodlers” to get out now before the inevitable crash. Despite his negative stance of BTC, Belfort declared that Blockchain, the… Read More »