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Max Keiser Interview: Buy Bitcoin, ‘Leave Alts to Dickheads Like Jamie Dimon’

Max Keiser once again shared his thoughts with Bitcoinist on the latest happenings in France, how Russia may use Bitcoin for its strategic reserves, and why Bitcoin is king while altcoins should be “left to dickheads like Jamie Dimon.”  Bitcoinist: What’ have you been up to lately? Anything interesting in the works from Max Keiser? Max Keiser: What’s… Read More »

Humans.net is Changing How People Broker Work Relationships [Interview]

Bitcoinist recently caught up with Vlad Dobrynin, CEO and Founder of Humans.net, to discuss his project and the future of the blockchain space. Here’s what he had to say. Q: For our readers who have never heard of Human.net, please tell us a bit about the project. Humans.net is an advanced, data-driven platform developed for the purpose of… Read More »

Bitcoin BTC at 100k: The “Dark” Prediction by Max Keiser

Max Keiser, one of the most followed and controversial analysts and influencer of the crypto ecosystem, was recently interviewed by Bitcoinist. In the interview, he presented his vision about the future of cryptocurrencies and the reasons why he is optimistic and calm hodling in spite of the strong bearish trend of 2018. Max Keiser: Another Long-Time Bullish According to… Read More »

Why a Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating System is Overdue – Cointelligence [Interview]

Bitcoinist spoke with On Yavin, CEO of Cointelligence, an educational and data platform for the cryptocurrency space that will soon launch the first-ever cryptocurrency exchange rating system in early 2019.  A cryptocurrency exchange rating system is perhaps overdue for the crypto space given the history of hacks, scams and regulatory challenges that present barriers to mass adoption. “We… Read More »

Max Keiser Interview: Bitcoin Will ‘Gobble Up All Fiat’ and Rise Over $100K

Bitcoinist once again caught up with the one and only Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and host of the Keiser Report. He explains why he isn’t fazed about the Bitcoin price drop, why he pays no attention to ICOs, and why Bitcoin will be around longer than humans.  ‘Bitcoin is the monetary black hole’ Bitcoinist: Since we last… Read More »

‘Buyers Will be Able to Verify the Origin of Gold’ -Innnovaminex CEO [Interview)

Bitcoinist spoke with Fernando García Sanz, CEO of InnovaMinex on their new platform that is applying blockchain technology in the physical mining of gold.  Blockchain technology is the technology of the future, which allows us to expand the boundaries of business in its usual sense. It can be used in various fields, including the mining industry. – Fernando Garcia Sanz,… Read More »

Meet The Man Who’s Building a Commission-Free ‘BitMEX’ [Interview]

Bitcoinist spoke with Adam Todd, CEO of Digitex Futures, a trading platform that aims to become a commission-free, non-custodial ‘BitMEX’ for cryptocurrencies built on Ethereum.  Bitcoinist: What is Digitex Futures? What are you doing that’s different/new? Can you give us your elevator pitch? Adam Todd: Digitex Futures is a commission-free, non-custodial futures exchange. Traders can speculate on the price… Read More »

Binance CEO: 2019 Is The Ultimate Year For Crypto Mass Adoption

ADVERTISEMENT The crypto market may be going through hell, but it’s no secret that much has been achieved this year. There have been lots of developments meant to boost crypto adoption. Companies like Ripple and Tron Foundation have been doing everything to bring their native cryptos closer to the people. Crypto exchanges, too, have done their part. According… Read More »

Edward Snowden: Bitcoin Has Become Too Successful

Edward Snowden, The famous Whistle-blower, known for revealing the existence of PRISM, a clandestine program of mass espionage perpetrated by the U.S. government on its own people, was interviewed a few days ago by Ben Wizner for McSweeney’s magazine, The End of Trust (McSweeney’s Issue 54). In it, he spoke about the benefits of crypto money and blockchain… Read More »

Roel Wolfert: ‘Cryptocurrency Will Just Be a Normal Part of Life’ [Interview]

Bitcoinist recently caught up with Roel Wolfert, co-founder of WHIRL, a socially driven crowdfunding platform built on the blockchain. Roel Wolfert is an expert in digital payments and serves as the COO at Transtrack International, which provides software to banks, governments, and organizations to manage their cash supply chain. Wolfert is also an advisor to the Bancor Foundation,… Read More »