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Tech Giant GMO Wants to Help You Mine Zcash – For a Cut

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has made another move into the cryptocurrency mining business. In an announced Friday, the company said it has rolled out a mining software client called Cryptknocker that is designed to let would-be miners mine Equihash algorithm-based cryptocurrencies like zcash using graphic processing units (GPUs) – as found in many home PCs. GMO said… Read More »

Momentum Is Building to Block Ethereum ASICs

Several ethereum miners and developers have come forward with the goal of stopping specialized mining hardware from effectively operating on the network. Underway since April, the controversy surrounding application-specific integrated circuits (or ASICs) on ethereum rose after news broke last Thursday of a new line of specialized mining hardware that claims to generate more than six times as much profit… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Mining Chip Supplier Warns Investors of Impending Revenue Decline

Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd announced at a recent investors’ conference that they are expecting a significant revenue drop for the second quarter of 2018. The company is a leading supplier of graphics cards and motherboards – components used in cryptocurrency mining operations. Weakened Demand for Cryptocurrency Mining Chips According to the Gigabyte, graphics card shipments are expected to… Read More »

ASUS Releases Crypto-Mining Motherboard Supporting 20 GPUs

Matthew Hrones · June 1, 2018 · 8:00 pm Altcoin mining has gained huge popularity over the past year as people use high-end GPUs to secure networks, and major computer part makers are taking notice, developing products for this emerging market. Now a manufacturer has released a motherboard that can support 20 GPUs. Better Hardware for Miners ASUS announced… Read More »