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Cyber Thugs Threaten CheapAir With Smear Campaign in Bitcoin Extortion Scheme

Advertisement Online travel agency CheapAir has been threatened with a smear campaign on social media unless it pays a ransom in bitcoin. The threat which was received last weekend demanded a ransom of US$10,000 in bitcoin or approximately 1.4BTC at current prices. Failure to do so, the threat stated, would result in a campaign aimed at damaging the… Read More »

CheapAir Sends Warning To Customers About Bitcoin Extortion Scam

Popular travel and accommodation website CheapAir.com mentioned in a blog post how they were threatened with a social media smear campaign demanding $10,000 in Bitcoin.  CheapAir.com is a well-known website for intrepid travelers, but it’s also achieved notoriety inside of the cryptocurrency world. The company was one of the first entities to accept Bitcoin 00, accepting the cryptocurrency for… Read More »

Bitcoin Payments Now Acceptable Via BTCPayServer at CheapAir

Bitcoin payments BTCPayServer has been selected by CheapAir for the processing of its bitcoin payments after Coinbase shut down its merchant platform a few months back. The travel agency is thrilled with the end results of the new processor testing and believes the digital currency is a win-win situation for them. CheapAir finds its Bitcoin payment processor after… Read More »