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Bitcoin Payments Down 80% in 4th Quarter of 2018: Chainalysis Data

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Citing Chainalysis data, Reuters is reporting that Bitcoin retail payments were down 80% in September, and no mention of a rebound was present. Several things are to blame, including scalability of Bitcoin transactions (and the expensive nature of them as a result) and the volatility of the currency itself. In order to have mass adoption… Read More »

Chainalysis: Value Of Bitcoin (BTC) Payments Falls By 80% From Jan. 2018 High

Bitcoin In Payments Becomes “Distant Dream” According to data from Chainalysis, routed through Reuters, the U.S. dollar (USD) value of Bitcoin transactions processed by this market’s 17 foremost payment processors (BitPay, CoinPayments, etc.) has fallen drastically, indicating that BTC’s long-touted medium of value use case could be a sham. Chainalysis, a leading crypto-centric analytics startup, revealed that from… Read More »

Binance Teams up with Chainalysis to Work Towards Regulatory Compliance

Two of the cryptocurrency industry’s biggest names are partnering up in an effort to bring greater regulatory compliance to the space. Leading digital asset exchange platform Binance and blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis will be working together on solutions to earn the trust of global regulators. Chainalysis Working with Binance on KYC and AML Compliance According to a press… Read More »

Crypto Exchange Binance Adds Compliance Tools from Chainalysis

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, is working with crypto compliance and investigation software provider Chainalysis to implement a new global compliance solution, the companies announced Wednesday. As part of the partnership, Chainalysis will provide access to its “Know Your Transaction” compliance software, enabling the exchange to monitor cryptocurrency transactions in real-time, according to a press… Read More »

BTC Whales Turns Friends to Crypto Markets as they Soak in Volatility from the Markets

A presence of BTC whale in the crypto market is always associated with either huge pumps or dumps depending on the whale does. Every time a whale move is associated with price manipulation. Well, this usual notion regarding BTC whales is about to change as according to new data from Chainalysis, has revealed that bitcoin whales are a surprisingly… Read More »

Chainalysis Finds That Bitcoin Whales Are Not the Sole Source of Market Volatility

Data from a detailed Chainalysis study found that Bitcoin whales may actually function as a stabilizing force in the market. Who’s in Charge of the Market? A newly published study from Chainalysis makes a strong case that Bitcoin (BTC) 00 whales are not the shadowy culprits behind the notorious volatility associated with Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market.… Read More »

Bitcoin Whales are Stabilizing the Market, Not Crashing it: Research

Advertisement New data from Chainalysis has revealed that bitcoin whales are a surprisingly heterogeneous group of coin holders who might be doing more good than harm to the market. Investors have long been wary of a market situation where a few whales can exert overwhelming control over the asset price, fuelled in part by reports suggesting that whales deciding to sell… Read More »

Research: Crypto Whales Are Stabilizing The Market, Contrary to Popular Belief

In both the natural world and the crypto market, whales are seen as colossal creatures that have a profound effect on the environment around them. Since Bitcoin’s rise to fame, a countless number of cryptocurrency investors have claimed that whales have been the primary catalyst behind this market’s unpredictable price movements. But, according to data compiled by one of the crypto… Read More »

Bitcoin’s Growing Maturity and Decreasing Volatility Keeps the Street Positive of a Bull Run

For over past 24 to 48 hours Bitcoin has stayed between the range of $6,400 to $6,750, showing good consolidative support at around USD 6500. Over past week the coin has been fairly around USD 6500 and hasn’t breached the support significantly even when altcoins have bee volatile around it. This sudden dip in volatility, street sentiments, and… Read More »

Study Finds Cryptocurrency Investors Maintained Position Through Bear Market

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC)–In an interesting examination of the habits of average cryptocurrency investors, a new study purports that the majority of investors and speculators in the crypto space maintained their position throughout the summer of 2018 despite the slumping prices. While the crypto market nears the end of its ninth month of a bearish cycle that has characterized… Read More »