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Canada, UK, Singapore Central Banks: CBDCs Would Reduce Risks in Cross-Border Payments

Central bank digital currencies (CDBCs) can help improve counterparty credit risk for cross-border interbank payments and settlements, according to a new in-depth report jointly published by the central banks of Canada, the U.K. and Singapore, Nov. 15. A CBDC is a digital currency issued by a central bank whose legal tender status depends on government regulation or law.… Read More »

Canadian Bank Announces Digital Safety Deposit Box for Crypto Exchanges and Investment Funds

VersaBank, formerly Pacific & Western Bank of Canada, announced one of its subsidiaries has completed beta testing for its digital safety deposit box and is now entering the commercialization phase, which will include the offering of digital safe keeping as well as multi signature services for cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto-based investment funds. Canadian VersaBank Announces Digital Safety Deposit Box for… Read More »

Canadian Holding Firm to Acquire EXMO Crypto Exchange Per Letter of Intent

Canadian holding firm GoverMedia Plus Canada will acquire U.K.-based crypto exchange EXMO per a recently signed a Letter of Intent (LOI), according to a joint announcement published Nov. 13. The LOI reportedly enables GoverMedia to exclusively negotiate the transaction within the next 180 days. Upon the completion of the transaction, the joined entity will continue to conduct business… Read More »

What Bear Market? Major Bitcoin Mining Farm Goes Live in Canada

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The bitcoin mining facility that DMG Blockchain Solutions announced it was building in British Columbia, Canada in July is now operational. Though the full capacity of the facility is 85 megawatts, initially only 60 megawatts will be made available at the operation that occupies 27,000 sq. ft. The power that the Mining as a… Read More »

Canadian VersaBank to Launch Uncheckable “Deposit Box” For Crypto Firms

A press released on November 08, 2018 details that the Canadian Versabank subsidiary is launching “VersaVault”. The new “Digital Vault” was first announced as the “digital safety deposit box” in early 2018 to attract crypto clients to its new tool. Since it aims at pulling new crypto exchanges and funds, the product is designed to provide storage on… Read More »

Canadian Bank Set to Launch Uncheckable ‘Deposit Box’ for Cryptocurrency

A subsidiary of Canadian financial institution VersaBank confirmed it had finished beta testing of a “digital vault” for storing cryptocurrency in a press release Nov. 8. VersaVault, which announced its so-called “digital safety deposit box” in February, is aiming to attract crypto exchanges and funds as clients for the new tool. The product provides cryptocurrency storage on servers… Read More »

Canadian Bitcoin Mining Firm Record-High Revenue in Q3 2018

When it comes to earning through cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining is the center of attention these days. Reports revealed that Canada’s largest Bitcoin mining company, Hut 8 has mark high revenue during Q3 2018. A report published on November 08, 2018 shows the financial state of Hut 8. It has reached a record high of $13.5 million for the… Read More »

Canadian Bank Opens Deposit Box for Cryptocurrency Firms

A Canadian bank says its digital safety deposit box is ready for prime time. VersaBank announced Thursday that its new VersaVault project had successfully completed beta testing. The digital-only bank plans to offer the virtual lockbox to cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto investment funds to store digital assets. Director of investor relations Wade MacBain told CoinDesk that the bank has… Read More »

Canada’s DMG Blockchain Puts 85 Megawatt Crypto Mining Facility Into Operation

Canadian blockchain and cryptocurrency company DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. has energized its new crypto mining facility, according to an announcement published Nov. 8. DMG states that the facility will start at 60 megawatts, and can expand its capacity up to 85 megawatts. DMG Blockchain Solutions initially revealed its plans to launch the station in July, stating that  their… Read More »

Canadian Bitcoin Mining Firm Hut 8 Sees Record High Revenue in Q3 2018

Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Hut 8 has reported record revenue in the third quarter (Q3) of 2018, according to the company’s quarterly financial report published Nov. 8. Hut 8, which claims to be “the largest” public crypto mining company by operating capacity and market capitalization, has revealed its financial results for Q3 of this year, stating that… Read More »