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Bitcoin Mining: Everything You Need to Know

Bitcoin mining is a term that everyone in the cryptocurrency and even many outsiders are familiar with. This is a process performed by high-powered computers (also known as nodes), which solve complicated computational math problems. While distinct, there are certain similarities between bitcoin mining and actual mining for precious metals such as gold, for example. Both processes are… Read More »

Bitcoin Mining Giant Holds Flash Sale to Celebrate Price ‘Bottom’

Bitcoin mining firm Canaan Creative has revealed it is temporarily cutting prices across all of its crypto mining devices. As part of its “flash sale” starting today, all of the company’s miners – from the Avalon 921 (20 terahashes per second) to the Avalon 851 (14.5 TH/s) – are all available at $200 each. A representative of the company, Steven… Read More »

Bitcoin Miner ‘Canaan Creative’ IPO Will Not Happen in 2018

Bitcoin mining equipment maker, Canaan Creative, on Thursday (November 15, 2018) allowed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing to elapse. Reports suggest that the company will shelve its IPO plans at least for the remainder of the year. Canaan Allows $400 Million IPO Application to Lapse According to Reuters, Canaan Creative allowed its $400 million IPO listing to… Read More »

Bitcoin Miner Canaan’s IPO Looms as Filing Status Now ‘Lapsed’

Canaan Creative’s application for an initial public offering (IPO) now looms as the Chinese bitcoin mining maker’s filing status at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) has become inactive. According to an update at the HKEX’s database on Thursday, the status of Canaan’s IPO application is now marked as “lapsed,” six months after it first submitted the filing.… Read More »

Trump’s Tariffs are Putting the Pinch on Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain

Advertisement Increasing tensions in China-US trade relations may portend tougher times ahead for Chinese bitcoin mining hardware maker Bitmain, with shipments to one of its major overseas markets facing new tariffs since August 23. The South China Morning Post reports that Bitmain is seen by analysts as the cryptocurrency mining hardware firm with the most potential exposure to US trade… Read More »

A New Line of Powerful ASIC Miners Is Coming to Ethereum

A chip designer with extensive experience in developing bitcoin mining devices is turning her sights on the ethereum protocol. Chen Min, the former chief chip maker at bitcoin mining chip developer Canaan Creative, launched a new venture to build cryptocurrency mining devices called Linzhi. The firm’s first project tackles the ethhash algorithm used by ethereum and ethereum classic, with… Read More »

Bitcoin May Be Down, But Miners Remain True

As Bitcoin faces downward market pressure, the price of the world’s most dominant virtual currency is likely to have crossed below the break-even point for crypto miners, according to most analysts. This, however, has not stopped their activity as the cryptocurrency mining industry is in it for the long haul. Bitcoin Miners Keep on Activity Even Below Break-Even… Read More »

Crypto Mining Giant Canaan Unveils First-Ever Bitcoin Mining Television

Advertisement Canaan Creative has launched what it hopes will be the future of the blockchain and the first of a series of releases that will improve its position as it battles for increased market share in the bitcoin mining device market. Dubbed the AvalonMiner Inside, the smart TV also doubles as a bitcoin mining device, and while some… Read More »

Bitcoin Mining Giant, Canaan, Debuts World’s First Bitcoin Mining Television

Having a television that can double up as a mining rig seems like something out of a sci-fi flick. But Bitcoin Mining Giant, Canaan, has pulled this off and is offering its consumers a personal mining rig in the comfort of their homes. First Computers, Then Smartphones, Now Television Bitcoin Mining World’s second largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining… Read More »

Canaan Creative Launch World’s First TV with Bitcoin Mining Capabilities

The second largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware has announced a new product aiming to bring Bitcoin mining to people’s homes once again. Canaan Creative are hoping to promote greater decentralisation on the Bitcoin network with the launch of a television set with mining capabilities. Are Devices Like the AvalonMiner Inside Going to Help Further Decentralise Bitcoin? The… Read More »