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Chinese Crypto Currency Exchange BTCC Expands Into South Korea

New reports from China indicate that the country’s first cryptocurrency exchange, previously known as BTC China, plans to expand their services to Korea. The reports claim that the move is scheduled for October 31, 2018. BTCC is an old crypto exchange, which was launched as far back as in 2011. Since then, it grew to be one of… Read More »

Chinese Crypto Exchange BTCC Plans South Korean Launch in November

China’s first Bitcoin (BTC) exchange BTCC, formerly known as BTC China, is set to launch trading services in South Korea, Korean business outlet The Investor reported yesterday, October 16. BTCC, which presently has headquarters in Hong Kong, will reportedly start beta services for trading in South Korea later this month and make its official debut in the market… Read More »

Accused of ‘Abusing Trust,’ Coinmarketcap May Now Let You Vote for New Listings

Cryptocurrency monitoring site Coinmarketcap appears to be mulling the idea of allowing users to vote on which assets it should track. Users Could Influence Listings In a Twitter survey released September 12, the site, which has become a stalwart reference resource for cryptoasset prices and other related data, asked followers whether they “would be interested” in influencing future… Read More »

Singapore Launches Blockchain Centre to Help Small and Medium-Sized Firms

A Singapore-based fintech startup has launched a massive blockchain centre to help small and medium-sized businesses in a number of industries. The six-story construction is located at Serangoon North. New Singapore Blockchain Centre to Provide Various Services to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses The new blockchain centre will be known as The Blockchain Technology Creatanium Centre (BTCC). It has… Read More »

China Celebrates Killing Its Bitcoin Exchanges as CNY Volume Falls Under 1%

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has declared victory over Bitcoin, stating that the market leader’s trading in its national currency has fallen to less than 1 percent of total global volume. ‘Timely Moves’ The PBOC announced that global bitcoin trading volume in China’s national currency, the Yuan (CNY), has fallen to less than 1 percent — according to… Read More »

Behind BTCC’s Revamp: Feeless Trades for Three Months, Native Token on the Horizon

Eight months after it shut its doors, the oldest Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC, is now up and running, with an ambitious rewards system that aims to attract more users to the platform. Formerly known as BTC China, the company was basically forced to cease its cryptocurrency exchange amid a crackdown on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trade in China toward… Read More »

The Daily: Coinbase Custody Opens, Hitbtc Hits Back at McAfee, BTCC Relaunches

Recent updates about the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges is the main focus in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief. Stories include the official opening of Coinbase Custody, a spat between Hitbtc and John McAfee, the relaunch of the BTCC exchange and Huobi’s postponement of Hadax voting. Coinbase Custody Opens Coinbase has announced that its new institutional offering Coinbase… Read More »

BTCC Relaunch Suggests Exchange Will Create Binance-Style Token

Chinese-owned cryptocurrency exchange BTCC has formally announced the relaunch of its platform while hinting it will launch an internal token. BTCC Token Will Be ‘Fully Convertible’ In a release on July 2, BTCC — which is among the longest-running exchanges both in China and the world — revealed basic details about its token and plans to progressively introduce new… Read More »

BTCC Re-Opens, Announces Initial Zero Trading Fees

Cryptocurrency BTCC–BTCC, the popular cryptocurrency exchange formerly known as BTC China, has returned to business after closing its doors last September. The exchange, which was at one point in the top three by volume of all crypto markets in China, has announced the launch of BTCC, a minor re-branding of their cryptocurrency trading platform. In addition to returning… Read More »

Formerly Top Three Crypto Exchange BTCC Relaunches, Plans to Issue Native Token

BTCC, formerly known as BTC China, has relaunched its crypto trading platform and revealed plans to issue its own native token, according a company announcement Monday, July 2. The rehauled crypto exchange is now live, offering trading for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) against the U.S. dollar, as well as crypto-to-crypto pairings. The… Read More »