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BTC price Breaches $6,600 But a Drop is Expected to be Imminent

BTC price Bitcoin crossed $6,600 level today only to take a dip later on as Bitfinex went offline due to maintenance. Meanwhile, a crypto expert shares the possibility of a coming plunge in prices as Bitcoin breaks resistance level and volatility indicator further shows substantial upwards or downwards movement. Bitfinex went into Maintenance, BTC Price Seemingly Unaffected At… Read More »

Rich Dad Poor Dad Bullish on Bitcoin, Calls Fiat ‘Scam’

Bitcoin (BTC)–Despite the sinking valuation of the cryptomarkets, Bitcoin continues to find advocates from various sectors of society. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best selling financial advice book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, came out in a recent podcast with strong support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in addition to describing the US-backed dollar as a “scam” and saying that… Read More »