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Ex-CFTC Chair: Regulation Creates Confidence Needed for Broad Crypto Adoption

The former chairman of the CFTC believes that the U.S. government policy makers need to take a technology neutral stance on blockchain, but says that regulation is necessary on its application to protect investors and help crypto reach widespread adoption. Gary Gensler Speaks on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Future Regulation While pundits like financial analyst Nouriel Roubini call blockchain… Read More »

Novogratz: Bitcoin Will Breakout in 2019, But Institutions Still Want Crypto

Despite recently retracting his bullish claims that Bitcoin will surpass $10,000 by year’s end, Mike Novogratz still expressed that institutions are still poised to enter the crypto industry. Fidelity, BitGo, Bakkt Custody Solutions Will Bolster Adoption Per previous NewsBTC reports from Monday, Fidelity Investments, a financial giant with over $2.5 trillion worth of client assets under management, unexpectedly divulged… Read More »

Research: Coinbase Sees 80% Decline in Volume, Trader Count Since January 2018

2018’s Bear Market Hasn’t Been Kind To Coinbase Since Bitcoin’s infancy, when blocks weren’t full and altcoins were few and far in-between, the world-renowned Coinbase has been touted as a leading cryptocurrency platform. Chances are, the first time you entered the cryptosphere, you likely entered your personal information into one of Coinbase’s multitude of platforms and products, which… Read More »

Industry Leader: Bitcoin and Crypto Have Bright Futures

In light of a slowing crypto market, with volumes, volatility, and retail interest seemingly disappearing altogether, industry leaders have begun to throw their weight behind this budding asset class. Most recently, CEOs of leading cryptocurrency startups, well-known commentators, and influential change-makers have made appearances on mainstream media outlets, while simultaneously taking to social media outlets to express their… Read More »

Roger Ver: Bitcoin.Com May Launch Its Own Crypto Exchange

Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) services firm Bitcoin.com is planning to buy or set up its own crypto exchange, the company’s CEO Roger Ver revealed in an interview with Bloomberg Oct. 9. According to Ver, the upcoming crypto trading platform will be placed on the Bitcoin.com website, which is expected to generate a great amount of traffic… Read More »

ICO Funding Levels Collapse, Investors Blame Dry Spell On Crypto Regulation

As 2017’s crypto bull market swung around, blockchain projects began to search for alternative modes of funding to capitalize on the influx and widespread arrival of interest, press, and free-flowing capital. For many blockchain- crypto-focused startups, venture capitalists weren’t an option, as these mediums of funding were often exclusive to only the crème de la crème, to put it lightly.… Read More »

Tether, Bitfinex Reportedly Deserting ‘Unprofitable’ Noble Bank

Noble Bank, the “non-fractional reserves” institution which was once the primary reserve bank for Tether (USDT), is facing competition from other banks amid claims it is “no longer profitable.” Non-Fractional And Non-Profitable? As Bloomberg reports October 1, Noble, registered in Puerto Rico, is now seeking a buyer on the back of the back of lax revenues stemming from… Read More »

Block.one CEO Speaks On EOS (EOS), Bitmain IPO, Crypto Market

Block.One Drops $1B On EOS VC Brendan Blumer, the founder and chief executive officer of Block, the startup behind the world-recognized, multi-billion dollar EOS.io blockchain project, recently sat down with Bloomberg to discuss a variety of facets in the current crypto industry. Opening the interview, which stretched out to five minutes, the Bloomberg host questioned Blumer about Block.one’s… Read More »

Leading Analyst: $6,000 Is Key For Bitcoin (BTC), Momentum Is Reversing

Despite Lower Highs, Bitcoin May Be Bottoming On Friday, Tom Lee, who recently revealed that he expects for Ethereum to eclipse $1,900 by year’s end, made an appearance on Bloomberg to discuss Ethereum’s cousin or near relative, so to speak. Opening the cryptocurrency segment, the Bloomberg host, highlighting the fact that Bitcoin has found some support in the… Read More »

You Don’t Say?! Bloomberg Says Bitcoin Bulls Waiting for Price Bottom

Bitcoin bulls expect the price to go up over time and are generally happiest in a rising market. If only there was some way to be sure that the market IS going in that direction… like maybe a sign! Well according to this Bloomberg headline, perhaps now there is. Bitcoin Price Bottom ‘The Sign Bulls Are Waiting For’ By… Read More »