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Only 40% Are Passing Malta’s Cryptocurrency Certification Exam

Malta has signaled teething problems in its quest to become a “Blockchain Island” after it emerged less than 40 percent of professionals passed the government’s cryptocurrency certification exam. ‘Not Sufficiently Prepared’ As local news outlet Times of Malta reports October 18, regulator the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) had to fail more than 6 out of every 10… Read More »

Cyprus Securities Watchdog Launches Blockchain Innovation Hub

Cyprus’s Security and Exchange Commission is exploring options to take advantage of financial innovation while maintaining regulatory oversight over a dynamic, and ever-changing, blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Due to its strategic location, Cyprus has long been a unique financial hub for Europe. Over the past few years, the Mediterranean nation has rapidly become a hotspot for cutting-edge technologies. This… Read More »

Waves Up 20% As Malta Eyes It For Blockchain Collaboration

The ‘blockchain island’ is expanding rapidly following the influx of some of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. Malta is keen to embrace crypto in all forms and is currently in communication with the Waves team to get the platform accredited on the island. This week CEO of the Russian blockchain platform Waves met with Malta’s president Joseph Muscat… Read More »

Malta is Eying the Waves Cryptocurrency to Tokenize Financial Assets

Advertisement It looks like Malta’s reputation as “Blockchain Island” is continuing to gain impressive traction, with a new development that could potentially see the state begin to adopt a cryptocurrency- and blockchain-based mechanism for its services and operations. The team from Waves  — a decentralised cryptocurrency platform providing a complete ecosystem for blockchain developers — met with Joseph… Read More »

Malta’s Push to Become a Global ‘Blockchain Island’ Seems to Be Working

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat classified Malta’s efforts to become a crypto and blockchain-friendly jurisdiction as a “calculated risk.” So far, work by authorities to turn Malta into a world leader for both industries looks to be paying off. A variety of nations across the world have spent time investigating how they can control and manage the spread of… Read More »

Oxford Researcher Wants to Open World’s First Blockchain University in Malta

Researcher Joshua Broggi envisions a new university powered entirely by blockchain technology, and is seeking accreditation in Malta to establish what will be a world’s first. Oxford Researcher Seeks Accreditation in Malta Broggi aims to build the world’s first ever “Blockchain University” and is hoping to set up shop ashore the European island nation of Malta, according to… Read More »

Jeju Wants to Become the Latest Blockchain Island

The Jeju Island just off the coast of the Korean Peninsula is eyeing becoming a favorite destination for blockchain and cryptocurrency enterprises. Policy officials in the Island’s government administration have begun preliminary deliberations on how to achieve the goal. Details of the Jeju Island Blockchain Plans Governor of Jeju Island, Won Hee-ryong, held a meeting in Sejong with… Read More »

Malta Tells Crypto Companies To Step On The Brakes

As nations around the globe roll out crypto regulations and tax schemes, blockchain startups eagerly eye the next crypto-friendly destination. Malta has modeled itself as exactly that and firms have been flocking there in droves. So much so that the government has told them to hold their horses while it rolls out a regulatory framework. According to local… Read More »