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Cryptocurrency Lender Sees ‘Meaningful Increase’ in Institutional Borrowing

Advertisement As institutional investors wade increasingly further into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, they are contributing to a significant bump in demand for cryptocurrency lending services. Institutional Crypto Lending Tops $550 Million That’s according to the Q3 Digital Asset Lending Snapshot from Genesis Capital, who in March launched the cryptocurrency industry’s first institutional lending business. Since the service’s launch seven… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Sentiment is Looking up: Huobi Research

Advertisement Bitcoin’s recent sell-off notwithstanding, cryptocurrency investors are beginning to grow more optimistic about the market’s short-term direction. That’s according to the latest Market Sentiment Index Report from Huobi Research, which identified a slight uptick in investor optimism over the previous month. Released on Friday, the September report is based on from survey data compiled from Sept. 25… Read More »

Bitcoin Whales are Stabilizing the Market, Not Crashing it: Research

Advertisement New data from Chainalysis has revealed that bitcoin whales are a surprisingly heterogeneous group of coin holders who might be doing more good than harm to the market. Investors have long been wary of a market situation where a few whales can exert overwhelming control over the asset price, fuelled in part by reports suggesting that whales deciding to sell… Read More »

U.S. Investors Divided on Outlook for Cryptocurrency: Survey

Advertisement Americans are split almost evenly on the topic of whether or not cryptocurrency represents a promising investment class with a bright future. A new Clovr research report sampling over 1,000 American adults found that roughly even segments of the U.S. population have strongly positive and apprehensive, bordering on hostile, views toward crypto assets, even as the total… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Trading Volume to See 50% Growth in 2019: Research

Advertisement Despite cryptocurrencies having fallen off their record highs, the sector is expected to experience double-digit growth in trading volumes next year suggesting that trader enthusiasm in the nascent asset class has not waned. According to research conducted by Satis Group, crypto trading volume will grow by over 50% in 2019. In the United States, the volume of… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Prices Highly Correlated to Regulatory Action: Central Bank Report

Advertisement New research has found that, despite the popular idea that cryptocurrencies operate generally outside the reach of national regulators, regulatory actions still have a huge impact on crypto markets. The research is presented in a report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), an organisation owned by 60 of the world’s central banks from countries cumulatively making… Read More »

Bitcoin Hasn’t Funded any Terror Attacks in Europe, Europol Report Reveals

Advertisement Bitcoin and similar digital assets were not used to fund any of the recent terror attacks in Europe, finds a Europol report that paints a clear picture of the contribution of cryptocurrencies to online crime. The 72-page long study [PDF], titled Intenet Organized Threat Assessment 2018, thoroughly touches upon the various modules of online crime, ranging from… Read More »

Hard Forks Hinder Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrencies: Study

Advertisement A new study has concluded that hard forks are a threat to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is because splits in the blockchain of a particular cryptocurrency tend to lead to the erosion of trust. Additionally, such splits reduce user’s confidence in the capacity of the affected cryptocurrency to continue thriving as a medium of exchange. Interestingly,… Read More »

Crypto Firm Adds Two Nobel Winning Economists to Advisory Board

Advertisement Cryptic Labs, a commercial blockchain research lab has announced the addition of two Economics Nobel Prize winners to its team. Dr. Eric S. Maskin and Sir Christopher Pissarides will provide their unique insights on incentive mechanisms, game theory and macro-economic policies to its Economics Advisory Board. Research Portfolios and New Roles Dr. Maskin, the Adams University Professor… Read More »

80% of Americans are Aware of Bitcoin, Study Reveals

Advertisement Millennials are more optimistic about the chances of cryptocurrency being widely accepted, and nearly half of who think this would prefer using cryptocurrency over the U.S. dollar, according to a recently conducted consumer survey on awareness of and attitudes about cryptocurrency. Nearly 80% of Americans (79%) are aware of at least one type of cryptocurrency, according to… Read More »