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Crypto Hedge Fund: No One Took us up on $1 Million Stock Market Bet

Advertisement Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano has claimed that his company’s $1 million bet on stocks outperforming crypto over the next ten years has had no takers since it was put up more than a week ago. On December 9, CCN reported that Morgan Creek instituted a $1 million “Buffet 2.0” wager inviting investors and money management professionals… Read More »

Downturn or Not, Bitcoin Has Still Outperformed Apple Since Last January

Advertisement In January of last year, the U.S. stock market went through one of the largest bull markets in recent history, with technology stocks like Alphabet and Apple achieving record high numbers. Within the past two years, the stock price of Apple (AAPL) increased from $115 to $165, by 43.7 percent. Alphabet (GOOGL), the parent company of Google,… Read More »

Crypto Market Risks Dip Below $100 Billion After Dropping $15 Billion in Bad Week

Advertisement In the past seven days, the valuation of the crypto market has dropped from $117 billion to $102 billion, by just over $15 billion. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) performed poorly against the U.S. dollar, experiencing losses above the 10 percent mark. Out of the three most valuable crypto assets in the… Read More »

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Slinks Below $3,175 for First Time in 2018

Advertisement In what is becoming a disturbingly common occurrence, the bitcoin price on Friday set yet another fresh yearly low, slinking below the $3,200 mark for the first time in 2018. The flagship cryptocurrency’s move below $3,200 came shortly after 16:10 UTC, following an unsuccessful breakout attempt earlier in the week. As of the time of writing the… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Drops to New Yearly Low at $3,200: What’s Causing the Decline?

Advertisement On December 14, following a fairly large sell-off from the $3,400 region, the Bitcoin price dropped to a new yearly low at $3,200. As Bitcoin (BTC) declined in value, other major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) experienced large losses against the U.S. dollar, with BCH falling by more than 11 percent. Within… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Reverses as [Another] Breakout Attempt Fizzles Out

Advertisement The bitcoin price failed to extend its bounce once again, weighed down by weak bulls. The BTC/USD rate on Thursday dropped as low as 5.38 percent from its intraday high at 3488-fiat. The pair at press time is forming lower lows towards 3300-fiat on a strong volume jump on Coinbase. It expects to extend its downside momentum… Read More »

Bitcoin Rises 4.65% as Crypto Market Creeps Toward Breakout

Advertisement The bitcoin price on Wednesday jumped as high as 4.65 percent from its opening price and established an intraday high at $3,488. The BTC/USD rate is now trading at 3440-fiat on the Coinbase exchange, coupled with a notable rise in daily volatility. The pair on December 7 established its yearly low at 3210-fiat, after which it consolidated… Read More »

Bitcoin Price ‘Could Go from Bad to Worse’: Bearish Analyst

Advertisement The most potential use case of bitcoin today is the store of value. But an analyst thinks otherwise. Stephen Innes, head of Asia Pacific trading at Oanda, a New York-based forex firm, believes that the world’s leading digital currency is due for another drop because it hasn’t provided the world a “significant use-case” yet. The Bitcoin hype, according… Read More »

Crypto Market Drops Again: Does Bitcoin Price Risk Fall to $2,500?

Advertisement Throughout the past three days, the Bitcoin price has demonstrated wild volatility in the range between $3,200 to $3,600. The dominant cryptocurrency has struggled to break out of the $3,700 resistance level which several technical analysts have consistently mentioned over the last two weeks. On December 12, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell by around three percent… Read More »

Bitcoin and Ethereum Drop 3%, is the Bottom Still in Sight?

Advertisement Over the past 24 hours, the prices of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have fallen by more than three percent against the U.S. dollar. The cryptocurrency market experienced an abrupt $4 billion drop in its valuation, by just about 3.5 percent. While major cryptocurrencies struggled to demonstrate signs of a potential corrective rally, small market cap… Read More »