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16 New Employees and 5 Exit at BitTorrent Since Acquisition by Tron (TRX)

Justin Sun and the Tron (TRX) Foundation officially acquired the famous peer-to-peer platform of BitTorrent back in mid June. The transaction was completed through Rainberry Acquisition Inc. and for a heavy price tag of $120 Million in cash. The BitTorrent firm even went ahead to make it official with a tweet that stated the following: It’s official. BitTorrent… Read More »

Buckle up, Bitcoin Getting Ready to Crash

Bitcoin is likely to take a hit as ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF deadline is due on August 23 which just like last time can crash the Bitcoin price and take it below $6k level. Though Bitcoin doesn’t need an ETF to reach great heights as even rebuffed by Andreas Antonopoulos, the market sentiments are expected to be hit… Read More »

Bitcoin Demand Still Going Strong Despite Price Being 68% Lower than its ATH

Bitcoin demand is in full force as the bitcoin futures volume on CME rises significantly, registering more than Cboe’s and bitcoin spot trading on Coinbase despite BTC being 68% lower than its peak. Moreover, eToro also showcasing an increase in bitcoin holdings clients. Bitcoin futures volume rises significantly on CME Bitcoin has lost about 68 percent of its… Read More »

SEC Have Until Thursday 23rd August, to Decide on the ProShares Bitcoin ETFs

The Bitcoin (BTC) ETF saga at the SEC will go on for a while with another pair of ETF sponsored by two firms – ProShares in conjunction with NYSE Arca – due for a verdict on this Thursday, August 23rd. The two ETFs are the ProShares Bitcoin ETF and the ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF. The ruling on these… Read More »

Australians Can Pay Utility Bills With Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC)–In terms of adoption for cryptocurrency, being able to pay for real world goods and services with the digital currency has long been viewed as the gold standard. The bear market of 2018 has led to a shift in focus away from the fundamentals of crypto and the usability of blockchain transactions in favor of wild price… Read More »

Bakkt to Foster Institution & Consumer Participation, No Leverage & Margin on Bitcoin Contracts

Bakkt, the digital asset platform by NYSE’s owner and backed by Microsoft and Starbucks is working hard at building a transparent and an institutional quality ecosystem for digital assets. CEO Kelly Loeffler explains that they are offering full collateralized or pre-funded bitcoin buying and selling meaning there will be no leverage or margin involved. NYSE owner’s Bakkt hard… Read More »

Coinbase Losing to Offshore Exchanges Dues to Relaxed Regulations Outside the US

As regulators keep a strict eye on cryptocurrencies and its exchanges in the United States and Europe, the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the west to the likes of Coinbase and Bitstamp have seen a comparative drop in their trading volumes while the exchanges in East especially in Japan and Korea namely OKEx have seen to be gaining them.… Read More »

Bakkt Continues to Gather Global Support Ahead of a Busy Launch

On the 3rd of August this year, the firm that owns the New York Stock Exchange – Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) – announced that it was forming a new company known as Bakkt. The latter firm would be  a new company to push Bitcoin and other digital assets towards becoming mainstream financial assets. The new venture is expected to… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Remains Stable Despite $6 Billion Cryptocurrency Market Slump

Bitcoin is currently showing some stability even as altcoins across the market experience some significant decline. This news should come as a bit of encouragement for supporters of top-ranked cryptocurrency which has been in the wars like most of the market since the start of the year. Bitcoin Maintains Mid-$6,000 BTC navigated the weekend maintaining its mid-$6,000 price… Read More »

Bitcoin Maintaining a Steady Range, Time to Make it or Break it

Bitcoin has been maintaining its stance above $6,300 for the past 5 days and keeping well above $5,000 since October 2017. So, in which is direction Bitcoin price gonna move next? Bitcoin holding the fort above $6,300 The world’s leading cryptocurrency has been managing to stay well above the $6k psychological level for the past 6 days. Just… Read More »