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Cryptocurrency Market Loses $16 Billion as Dow Jones, Nasdaq Plummet

Advertisement All top ten cryptocurrencies and stocks from Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq, are in the red on Thursday. A Deadly Crypto Dive The price of significant cryptocurrencies dived with nearly $16 billion of value being swept out in a matter of three hours. Source: CoinGecko At the time of this writing, Bitcoin had dropped 4 percent… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Slump Sees $642 Billion Dumped So Far in 2018

Advertisement The cryptocurrency market capitalization on September 12 established a new yearly low near circa $187 billion. The drop amounts to a total of $642 billion that has vanished from the market since its all-time high near $829.96 billion. Almost all the leading coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, are in the process of forming new bottoms.… Read More »

Bitcoin is Cool: St. Louis Federal Reserve

Advertisement The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has published another research paper validating bitcoin’s legitimacy as a currency, even when used as a tool to facilitate private transactions. The report, which was written by economist Charles Kahn and published by the St. Louis Fed last month, examines the role of private payments in monetary systems. Bitcoin a… Read More »

Bitcoin Price: Tom Lee is Standing by His $20,000+ End-of-Year Target

Advertisement Bitcoin bull Tom Lee, co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, is sticking to his forecast of a bitcoin price in the $20,000 range by year’s end, he told CNBC’s “Fast Money” on Friday. Lee said he is “trying to change the calendar year” with respect to his prediction, but remains bullish about it. Hedge Funds Play A Bigger… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Drops Against Turkish Lira as Treasury Seeks to Calm Investors

Advertisement The Turkish Lira value improved against the bitcoin price ahead of an important conference between the country’s financial chief and global investors. The BTC/TRY recorded a 22 percent drop since establishing its intraday high at 45382-fiat. A political spat between the Turkish and U.S. governments last week had influenced the latter to double the tariffs on Turkish… Read More »

Op-Ed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Economics behind Security Token Offerings

Advertisement The problem is not with the vehicle, the problem lies in the gold-rush mentality. When everybody starts mining for gold, the percentage of people who strike gold falls naturally. This is Economics 101. Economics 101 Scarce resources do better in terms of valuations than abundant resources. Take water, for example, it is an abundant resource in South… Read More »

Think-tank: Business Value of Blockchain to ‘Reach $2 Trillion by 2030’

Advertisement IHS Market, a data analytics firm in the fields of finance and technology, released a July report that forecasts blockchain technology could lead to a business activity value of $2 trillion by 2030. The report includes all value that blockchain adds as an entire vertical (not specific coin market caps). $2 Trillion: Too Conservative? Though the report… Read More »

Nigerian Entrepreneurs are Choosing Bitcoin Over the National Currency

Advertisement A growing number of businessmen in Nigeria are opting for handling their business using the digital currency instead of the Naira. The country’s national currency seems to be more volatile than Bitcoin, at times. As cryptocurrencies fight for relevance around the world, Nigerian citizens are starting to use Bitcoin as an alternative to their own currency, the… Read More »

Economist Claims Bitcoin Futures Killed the Strong Rally in Early 2018

Advertisement The FED and prominent economists believe that the bitcoin futures market ultimately led the cryptocurrency market to crash and record the third worst correction in its history. Real Impact of Bitcoin Futures Yukio Noguchi, a Japanese economist, claimed in a recent column that the abrupt change in trend from a bull market to a strong bear cycle… Read More »

Octagon Strategy Remains Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Price Decline

Advertisement Digital asset broker Octagon Strategy has said that the company “remains bullish” on bitcoin despite the current decline in price and the possible obstacles that await it in the future. Bitcoin’s continued dip in price has led to a new set of bearish sentiments as regards its future and the possibility that it can reach the heights… Read More »