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WTO: Ripple Could Revolutionize International Business – Bitcoin, IOTA, And ETH Also Involved

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology have disrupted the conservative global financial system and put banks on notice, but some banks have opted to go with the flow rather than get overtaken by the rapidly expanding influence of blockchain-based systems. Ripple is one the companies that has capitalized in helping these institutions cope with the transition. However, the crypto… Read More »

Survey: Exploring The American Outlook On Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies has been an ever expanding space since the first crypto, Bitcoin, hit the market almost a decade ago. However, mass adoption of cryptocurrencies hasn’t been an easy job for the various institutions and tech startups that set out for it. In fact, until about 2 years back, Bitcoin hadn’t gone mainstream yet and didn’t… Read More »

More Bitcoin ATMs for Argentina Amidst Country’s Financial Crisis

Two companies plan to install more Bitcoin ATMs for Argentina, amidst the country’s financial crisis. Bitcoin to the Rescue Argentina’s financial crisis will be eased, with the introduction of more BTC ATMs in the country. Two U.S. based companies, Athena Bitcoin and Odyssey Group, plan to install more BTC ATMs around the South American country, bringing a ray… Read More »

Forbes Journalist Says Get Used to Bitcoin’s Bipolar Tendencies

If bear markets terrify you, take some advice from an experienced economic researcher and editor at Forbes who bought Bitcoin for $14. Things are far more serious when you’re charged for Bitcoin’s price oscillations. An Intellectual Affair Jeffrey Tucker knows his money. Not strictly as an entrepreneur, businessman, or trader, but as a researcher of financial innovation. His… Read More »

From Malta to Prague: What Is the Most Crypto-Friendly Travel Destination?

Backed with continuing adoption, crypto holidays have become a reality. At this point, flights and hotels all around the world can be booked with Bitcoin (BTC). Still, some cities are more ready to accept your BTC — and major altcoins — than others, depending on the local infrastructure and crypto-related policies. According to data from Coinmap, currently there… Read More »

Enter The Morgan: Morgan Stanley’s Clients Will Soon Be Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade now, and it’s safe to say that the crypto pioneer has done well in terms of price and overall market dominance. However, there are still points of friction plaguing the crypto’s market. One is regulation, and the other is adoption. By adoption, it means that the cryptocurrency needs to be… Read More »

New Dawn: Asia Is Getting Its Ever First Crypto Visa Card

New Dawn: Asia Is Getting Its Ever First Crypto Visa Card Things within the financial market are about to get very interesting down in Asia as the continent readies to welcome its first ever crypto Visa Card, a serious development that’s bound to put the centralized banks on notice. Easy Conversion As is the fact, players in the… Read More »

Crypto an Alternative to Inflation Across the Globe, Now Philippines

Sometimes, the only thing that drives progress is a kick… in the bottom. That’s why economic crises have been a most effective factor for encouraging cryptocurrency adoption. First Venezuela, then Iran, and now the Philippines may follow suit. The Philippines are currently seeing the highest inflation rate (6.4%) in almost a decade as an outcome of the trading… Read More »

Half of American Millennials are Open to Using Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–While the majority of the crypto industry and the market continues to feed on news out of Wall Street’s institutional money and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s ruling on Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds, a subset of the American population is ready to welcome cryptocurrency with open arms. A recent published survey has found that nearly half… Read More »

CoinGate’s Lightning Network To Boost Bitcoin Adoption, 4,000 Merchants Already Onboard

The Lightning Network is about to breach the 102 BTC capacity, and that could very well be the nicest thing to happen to Bitcoin of late. The Lightning Network brings to Bitcoin what everyone has been waiting for all along: A faster, secure payment processing system right at the top of the Bitcoin blockchain. That’s exactly what CoinGate… Read More »