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Dogecoin (DOGE) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) Showcase First Recovery Motives

Following Bitcoin’s BTC last value plunge against the US Dollar, altcoins as traditionally acted similar to the leader’s performance and dived below major important levels which were supporting the prices for months now. Bitcoin (BTC) Crash! Price Plummets to One-Year Low as Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red ADVERTISEMENT Per time of writing, the pair XRP is one of the… Read More »

Circle Lists Basic Attention Token (BAT) Just Days After Coinbase

Following Coinbase Listing, Basic Attention Token (BAT) Gains Traction On Circle Circle Invest, Boston-based Circle’s crypto asset-centric platform, has just revealed that it will be adding Basic Attention Token (BAT), the Brave Browser’s altcoin of choice, to its so-called “Invest” platform, which, in many respects, is similar to Coinbase Consumer (Coinbase.com and its respective mobile applications). BAT (Basic… Read More »

Ethereum Token BAT Crashes Nearly 20% after Coinbase.com Listing

Advertisement Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Ethereum token BAT rode the “Coinbase bounce” to a four-month high, but on Friday the cryptocurrency’s price fell back toward earth with a resounding thud. Ethereum Token BAT Leads Market Pullback The crypto market as a whole traded down heading into the weekend, with valuations collectively dropping by $6 billion over a 48-hour period.… Read More »

The Privacy-Crypto ZCash [ZEC] Price Still Holding Against Seller: Coinbase

The privacy oriented cryptocurrency platform Zcash [digital asset] is one of the only green-gaining noticeable coins in the cryptocurrency market. Reaching the trading level of $137.87 against the US Dollar, ZEC counts 5.69% increase in the last 24-hours. Source: coinmarketcap Surprisingly, when most leading virtual assets are struggling to stay in the positive for the day-trade, the pair… Read More »

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Story: Price Break Above

The Basic Attention Token, which transacts the token transfers in the via Ethereum’s blockchain, made its debut in the cryptocurrency industry with the target of resolving present marketing and advertising issues with which individuals have to deal with in the particular industry. Source: BAT’s Page Being in the market for a long time now and its latest spotlight-taking developments, the… Read More »

The Future Stellar Lumens [XLM] $1.00 Prediction Turning Visible

In the case of businesses dedicated to facilitating payments between individuals, the choice of which blockchain to use and which fintech to hire is of vital importance for their growth. However, the relationship between crypto and fiat based fintechs has concluded with a growth in exposure of digital currencies. When it comes to banks and firms that attempt… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Market Update: BAT Pumped by Coinbase Pro Listing

Markets are creeping up as the weekend starts; BAT flying, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar rising. As we enter the weekend crypto markets are slowly recovering. Trading in Asia has pushed total market capitalization back over $205 billion and things are generally heading upwards today, albeit leisurely. Bitcoin has made no movements over the past 24 hours and is… Read More »

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Takes Over: Bull-Run of Recovery

The attraction and crypto-verse interest around the 36th largest coin by market cap is rising steadily on a daily basis. Basic Attention Token or BAT is concluding the day [30 of Oct] on a very high note against the US Dollar despite the general market consolidation following Bitcoin’s speedy drop on the 29th of Oct. Basic Attention Token… Read More »

Ethereum Token BAT Continues Breakneck Rally, up 56% This Week

Advertisement Ethereum token BAT continued its dramatic week-long ascent on Monday, bolstered by positive fundamentals related to its role in Brave’s web browser ecosystem and speculation that the cryptocurrency will soon be listed on Coinbase. BAT (short for Basic Attention Token) increased 14 percent against the dollar on Monday, briefly eclipsing $0.30 before settling down to a current… Read More »

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser News and Coinbase Speculation

Over the past month, Bitcoin’s price has been caught in an unprecedented trading range, trading between $6,200 and $6,700. During this time, multiple altcoins have had the opportunity to surge on a mixture of speculation and increased use cases. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the latest altcoin to surge as Bitcoin trades sideways, currently up 56% from its… Read More »