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Community is Everything: Mainstream Tech World Realizing, Crypto World already Following

Cryptocurrency space has always been strongly community driven, with Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Tron (TRX), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) having some of the most active communities, to name a few. Now, the mainstream companies like Airbnb is asking SEC to allow the company to issue shares to its hosts just like Uber has approached SEC multiple times previously. It’s… Read More »

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency and What It Could Mean for You

We often tell you that blockchain is the future of not just finance, but everything from social media, to shipping, to football. And it’s true that any industry which keeps records (so, any industry then) can benefit from a permanent and immutable ledger. Well, here are three more promising blockchain projects, and what they could mean for the bottom… Read More »

AirBnB Co-Founder Backs $22.7M Investment in ‘Full Service’ Institutional Crypto Platform

Another platform aiming to facilitate institutional investments into the cryptocurrency market is underway, as SFOX successfully closes $22.7 million Series A funding round. Luring In Big Money SFOX – a cryptocurrency prime dealer for institutional investors and high-volume traders announced in a press release that it has managed to close $22.7 million Series A funding round for the… Read More »

Airbnb Co-Founder Participates in Almost $23 Million Funding Round for Crypto Startup

Silicon-Valley based startup SFOX closes Series A funding round raising $22.7 million, with contributions from Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk, Digital Currency Group, and Blockchain Capital

Early Bitcoin Investor: “Everybody Should Put Something Into Crypto”

To be frank, the cryptocurrency industry is a widely misunderstood place, with recent reports highlighting that a majority of the public does not understand the variety of facets in this nascent industry, including Bitcoin. Jeffery Wernick, a prominent investor, recently appeared in a Business Insider interview to give an insider insight into what exactly people get wrong about… Read More »