Chinese Firm Reportedly Nets $18 Million in ‘Questionable’ Token Sale

A Chinese healthcare firm has reportedly raised 120 million yuan ($18 million) by issuing a custom cryptocurrency, despite China’s 2017 ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs). According to an Investor China report on Monday, the company involved – called Zhaoyun Group and apparently based in Hangzhou – focuses on the healthcare and scientific research industry. While the company’s official website… Read More »

Passive Revenue Opportunities in Decentralized Computing Resources Industry

There have been a few interesting trends involving blockchain technology. One particular aspect mainly focuses on selling resources through a distributed ledger-based marketplace. For now, it seems the main focus lies on computing resources. Other types of resources and content will be supported as more time progresses. With decentralized infrastructure being developed, new opportunities will arise. The Decentralized… Read More »

Microsoft to Buy GitHub: Bitcoin Devs Call for Exit

Wilma Woo · June 4, 2018 · 7:00 am Bitcoin core developers are among those reacting angrily to news Microsoft has reportedly acquired GitHub in a deal worth at least $2 billion. Bitcoin Developers Call For GitHub Exit The takeover, which anonymous sources claim should see an official announcement later Monday, has led to multiple calls to remove Bitcoin… Read More »

Bitcoin Price Struggles to Secure Momentum at $7,700, Downside Break Expected

Advertisement Get exclusive analysis and cryptocurrency insights on for just $39 per month. The bitcoin price has failed to secure momentum above the $7,700 mark, struggling to break above the one-month descending trendline since May 3. If the upward movement of bitcoin fades and the dominant cryptocurrency is unable to bounce back quickly to the higher end… Read More »

Blockchain Platform to Help Content Creators Earn Fair Pay for Music, Movies, Games, eBooks

A new decentralized content production and distribution platform is using blockchain to ensure project founders and content creators receive fair compensation for their hard work – helping passionate and talented professionals in creative industries to earn a living. Qravity has created a space that enables visionaries to collaborate more efficiently and profitably when developing monetizable digital media, including… Read More »

Cryptocurrency Apps Open Financial Doors for Working Poor in Asia

The popular image of a cryptocurrency user is usually that of a young middle-class, tech-savvy person opting out of the traditional working world to try and make a fortune at home on their computer or paying for an expensive coffee with an obscure app on a complicated smartphone. But in the developing countries of South East Asia where… Read More »

Bitcoin’s Low Volume Breakout Could Be a Bull Trap

Bitcoin looks primed for a move to $8,000, but low trading volumes point to the risk of a bull trap. The cryptocurrency broke through a key descending trendline (drawn through the May 6 high to the May 21 high) on Sunday, adding credence to last Tuesday’s bullish outside-day candle and signaling a short-term bearish-to-bullish trend change. However, at… Read More »

Australia’s First ‘Digital Currency Town’ Accepts Bitcoin to Boost Tourism

Advertisement Get exclusive analysis and cryptocurrency insights on for just $39 per month. Australian beach town Agnes Water is billing itself the country’s first ‘digital currency town’ in an effort to attract international digital-savvy travelers to boost its primary industry, tourism. Over 30 local businesses including accommodation providers, tour operators, restaurants and even the local pub in… Read More »

51% Attack: ZenCash the Latest Victim of a Suspected Double-Spend Attack

ZenCash is the latest cryptocurrency to suffer a suspected 51% attack in the last two months. Others like Electroneum, Verge, and Bitcoin Gold have also fallen victim to the 51% percent attack – the number one scourge of the poorly secured public blockchain network. Details of the Attack According to a report on the ZenCash blog, the attack… Read More »

Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP) Are Now More Viable After VISA Hardware Crash

Unbeknownst to many global citizens outside the European continent, is that there was an outage of VISA related services on June 1st brought about by hardware failure. The BBC was the first to note the anomaly in payment transactions that left many shoppers stranded in long queues in grocery stores. Some were even stranded in traffic as they… Read More »